B Well Weekly

Posted by Andrea Davidson on Jun 22nd 2022

So you’re getting the feeling that you might have let it slip a bit. Your pants are too tight or your skin is inflamed or your moods are modulating or you haven’t gone to the bathroom since the beginning of the week. For a long time you told yourself these things are normal. Look around. Everyone is dealing with something. It can be easy to mistake common for normal.

Or maybe you’ve just held on to what a doctor conveyed to you at some point. This is genetic or this is hereditary or this is incurable; and so you succumbed to an unfortunate diagnosis, believing it is your cross to bear.

As someone who has dealt with chronic health issues since I was born, I’ve heard the full gamut of responses from authority figures in the health world. Most of these diagnoses were given with the best of intentions from doctors who truly believed what they were saying. The reason, generally speaking, is that they didn’t learn about preventive health measures in school. They learned about treating symptoms. It is interesting to pull back curtains and see who is creating the curriculum for these medical schools, but that’s a whole different article.

I personally know several doctors who are integrating medicine with preventive health and constantly study doctors who have transitioned to functional medicine. I can tell you that from my perspective this is not a doom and gloom situation. The world is waking up more everyday. Perhaps this is one positive thing we can pull from the pandemic; it has catalyzed people to question antiquated paradigms and explore alternative options for wellness.

The takeaway here is if you’ve gotten a definitive diagnosis requiring you to take medicine forever and it isn’t sitting right with you, there may be a different answer. If you’re noticing things just don’t seem right and your doctor tells you you’re fine because all your tests are normal , rather than accepting this answer, you are likely being called to take matters into your own hands. Although this path is not for the faint of heart, it is a worthy one. It seems that many diseases (dis - eases) are our bodies calling us into self correction . This usually involves a combination of diet changes, detox, psycho spiritual exploration, movement and community. In more extreme cases getting functional tests done are also necessary. Thankfully we have Revive Wellness right here in Rogersville and they can help us with that. Don't forget conventional and functional labs have some differences. There is also an increasing amount of options for tests you can take / submit from the comfort of your own home.

I used to think that supplements weren’t necessary if I ate well. Because of how difficult it is to find foods that have been grown in healthy soil and because of the unbelievable amount of environmental pollutants we are exposed to on a daily basis , I have changed my position on this 100%. Also (due to massive exposure to pollutants) it seems that some kind of detox protocol at least once a year may also be necessary. I am grateful to have the honor of owning a sweet little shop called B Well Natural Health at 122 S. Church St. where you can come and get whatever essential nutrients you wish, and if what you want or need isn’t there we will do everything we can to get it for you. It is my mission to ensure that whatever you retrieve from the shop is top quality and safe for you and your family.

Bottom line is when we feel better in our bodies we are able to show up more fully in our lives. When we feel better in our bodies we have more energy to create things which fill us with a sense of purpose and place. When we feel better in our bodies we have more energy to love the people around us, and it then becomes easier to give some of that love back to ourselves. Self love sounds like some hippy jargon, but I’m telling you from someone who lived the first 20 plus years of life stuck in self loathing - to live in love is far more interesting. It is the foundation of a life you will be infinitely more excited to wake up to. I’m rooting for you.